Entering 2011 With a “Peter Walsh” Attitude

Shutterbug Portraits had a wonderful 2010. With the joy of meeting new clients and reconnecting with previous clients, Shutterbug Portraits wants to take a leap into 2011 and learn from none other than the best, Peter Walsh. We start this year off with a positive attitude in hopes to accomplish goals, and delete all negativity away from our everyday lives. Peter Walsh’s new book, Enough Already!, helps you to clear the mental clutter from your everday life and become the best you. That is one major goal in which Shutterbug Portraits wants to accomplish and look back on for 2011. Sometimes in life we get caught up in the moments where you can’t keep up with the days, and soon days shortly turn into weeks and weeks into months. You can easily become so overwhelmed that we sometimes forget to stop and take a moment to enjoy the present.

For Shutterbug Portraits, we want to stop to enjoy each and every moment. Writing down goals and accomplishing them is one of the best tools, and a very simple tool, that we can do to have a wonderful 2011. We have a bunch of new ideas and our excited to be sharing them with all of you! So sit back and enjoy the ride with us 🙂

If you want to check out Peter Walsh’s new book go to www. peterwalshdesign.com

  • January 10, 2011 - 8:40 pm

    shutterbug portraits - The “best me” needed to look not so tired, went in for a facial this weekend. An excellent way to start a new year! Totally refreshed… if only I could just look 30 again!ReplyCancel

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