Race on the Base

You’d only understand had you been there…  California gets rain, seldom do we get a storm.  Just in time for setup, a huge storm rolled in and took most of us vendors out.  The sky was so black and the wind so fierce.  Kathy from KU Creations was kind enough to bring her pop-up for us to set up under.  Two chicks setting up a pop-up in a bad wind/rain storm… only wish I had gotten a picture!  Thank goodness the base was well prepared and brought us 6 sandbags, this of course happening after the pop-up blew, knocking over our 6 foot table and everything on it.  Did we really want everyone to know we had arrived?

I was asked by the City of Los Alamitos to come to Race on the Base as a professional photographer to capture images of the winners, vendors, etc.  I without any hesitation agreed and looked forward to a day filled with runners, winners, sellers and shoppers.  My visions were that of a fairytale.  A bright, sunny day in California.  It is ALWAYS sunny in California!  As did everyone that Friday proceeding the race, I checked the weather hour by hour only hoping it would move north or south.  No luck and quite the opposite.  The more I checked, the more the weather channel zeroed in the early morning hours of Saturday.  “Heavy rain, high winds, chance of thunder and lightning.”  So I did what any girl from sunny Cal would do… I headed to Target.  I bought myself a stylish rain parka (sounds much nicer than a very thin plastic poncho) and best umbrella money could buy.  I had to cancel my plans to rent the lens that was sure to get me these great wide shots.  I just didn’t want the responsibility of ruining rented equipment.  I went to bed Friday only hoping it would not be as bad as predicted.

I am not over telling my story by even a word… It was worse than I thought.  It poured until nearly 7:45 am.  Suddenly, as the first race was underway, I noticed a little sun on the horizon.  As the first race continued the sun continued to immerge.  Pure happiness!  I would be parka free for the next 2 and half hours.  By then all but 15 or so vendors were  left.    Needless to say, shopping was very limited, but the runners, walkers, skaters were so much fun the hang out with.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I had to include the winner of the wheelchair race.  Yes, I know it is not in focus… I like to call it “emotionally in focus”.  Who cares if I didn’t get it right… but he did.  Such inspiration and determination.  His victory was just oozing out of him. 

I wish I could say the sun stayed out all day.  No luck.  Just was the triathlon started it started pouring again.  If you are ever looking for inspiration, try watching a triathlon.  Then try watching it in the pouring rain.  Let’s just say… all you guys rock!

A special thank you to the City of Los Alamitos for inviting me to the race and for putting on such an awesome event.

To view the photos from this event please visit www.pictage.com/797637

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