Shutterug Portraits in Los Alamitos Recommends – Today’s Groupon Deal

Today’s Groupon is a little ironic for me.  I have been going through the house lately chucking things we don’t use or have out grown.  I came across the dreaded cabinet with all of our old photos.  I literally opened cabinet, peaked in, shut the door and went to the next cabinet.  I have hundreds of photos.  You remember, the days when we used to have our film developed and received a 4×6 of everything on the roll of film.  They have sat in that cabinet for years.  My son’s XBox sits outside of the cabinet as there is not room… you get the point! is offering to scan 1,000 4×6 photos for only $29 (includes all photos on a cd and shipping back to you).  Honestly, this is a no-brainer.  I will now be able to make videos from those funny candid shots of our wedding and of me when I was little.  My kids will love it. is located in Irvine, however this deal is only good for mail order.  I recommend sending your pictures with a delivery confirmation.

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Finally, I will be able to set myself free and de-clutter yet another cabinet.  BTW, de-cluttering feels pretty awesome!  Kelly

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