WPPI 2010 Update

WPPI was everything I thought it would be! My day was packed with seeing as much as I possibly could in 6 short hours.

My first stop was MOO. Moo prints business cards, mini cards, stickers, etc. There is nothing like printing through Moo. Check them out at www.moo.com. You can print 100 cards, with 100 different images. Guess whose work was on the wall!!! Robyn Pollman is a huge Moo fan. She has her own blog, which inspires and makes me believe I can be more and do more. She is creative and a true revolutionary! www.buttonsandbowsphotography.com

I was really excited to see Jamie Schultz (aka beyond talented photographer and graphic designer). She was at the mpix booth and was speaking on Tuesday at their booth. She had some of her press printed senior card samples printed on metallic paper. I bought this design and can tell you printing it on metallic is the way to go. I printed one of the designs on smooth surface, but now that I see the metallic it has so much more class (no pun intended). The gray is so sparkly! She is offering a coupon for WPPI 2010 off a purchase of $50.00 or more. www.jamieschultzdesigns.com  Enter coupon code: wppi2010. Expires 07/01/2010.

One of my favorite vendors to see was CPQ. I have attached a link to their blog showcasing their new album http://www.cpq.com/cpqblog  This new album is amazing! I personally do not like the “puffer” cover. I prefer a nice smooth, hard cover. Regardless of your taste, the album was beautiful. I am also a fan of their frames. These frames seem to be a big trend for most framers.

I also liked the spiral notebook style albums. They come with rounded corners.

Use code: WPPI20 to get 20% off at CPQ through 3/19/10.

Magnetic cd cases were at every booth.

I really did not see a quality difference between the vendors, but the product itself was awesome. They have a much higher perceived value and would make any photographer look like they were on top of their game! A must have if you are delivering digital prints to your clients.

As far as photo jewelry goes, Planet Jill is your go-to girl! She is based in California and offers a high-end product. She is well-known for offering flawless sterling silver jewelry. www.planetjill.com.

I loved the cd folio by Michael Chinn. It was so elegant!  I can see delivering a client their work in this sophisticated folio. www.michaelchinn.com

I really liked the stand out prints from WHCC. Not to be confused with the floating wraps which I do not care for. They just don’t have a very high perceived value (again, I am not into the “puffer” look). The stand out prints looked very polished and resembled the look of a canvas. Standout – Standout is a thick lightweight board finished with a black plastic edge and comes ready to display with hanging holes on the backside. Standout is available in two depths, 3/4” and 1-1/2”, and nothing extra needs to be done to prepare for display. 3/4” board dimensions are undersized by 1/4”, and 1-1/2” is 1/2” undersized. http://www.whcc.com/products/prints-finishing/finishing-services/mounting

I wish there were more vendors carrying stylish ways to carry all the stuff I have to haul around (ie My Funky Camera  www.myfunkycamera.com). Shootsac was there showing off all of their different products to sport your stuff around in style! www.shootsac.com.  Online trade show pricing ends today!

Backdrops from Drop it Modern were awesome! They carry a full line of hip and very current patterns. www.dropitmodern.com.

I love www.fridayphotoschool.com. There pitch is “learn a lot over lunch”. You can catch a different live, full motion seminar on the first Friday of every month. Programs can be downloaded it you miss the live event. Join right through your browser for only $10 and email in questions in real-time. There will be a special broadcast on March 10th featuring Sarah Petty and Will Crockett discussing portrait lighting. www.fridayphotoschool.com .

If you REALLY wanted to go fancy-pants for your digital prints, folios and albums, I strongly recommend Queensberry. It is by far the most exquisite product I saw. www.queensberry.com.

Barbour Backdrops is beyond amazing. If you are looking for totally unique backdrops, boxes and baseboards you have found the place. Check out their site www.barbourbackdrops.com.  Canvas backdrops are hand painted, textured and mastered individually as an honest work of art.

I am madly in love with Wild Sorbet Frame Company.  It is as if someone looked inside my soul and designed away to frame it.  www.wildsorbet.com

I really need to give a plug for Bay Photo. I have been using them for the past year for press printing. I took for granted the quality of their product. I assumed everyone was printing on the same paper and the same quality. After I was able to pickup and touch products by other printers, I realized that their product feels thicker and more substantial. It is never flimsy like some of the others. Bay Photo also color corrects press printed cards (does your printer do that?). Bay Photo also offers discounts to studios who need sample work. As long as your logo is on it and you state in your order that it is for sample work, they give you a great discount. I am a huge fan and it would take something really special to get me to change! I am very happy with their canvas prints as well. www.bayphoto.com.

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